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Theresa Simon


Theresa set up her eponymous PR agency Theresa Simon & Partners in 2001, offering media relations for clients across the visual and performing arts, architecture, design and lifestyle.


Business development emerged as a natural extension of this work and, in recent years, Theresa’s focus has shifted to projects that generate social and environmental benefit. She now works primarily on architectural and developer-led initiatives that have urban regeneration at their heart.

Clients tackling high-speed, low-cost housing range from architect Anupama Kundoo, who is developing a system to empower people to build homes for themselves from the most basic of materials, to developers who are experimenting with modular construction for optimum densification in cities. She consults to visionaries such as circular economy guru Clare Brass and she is an ambassador for The London School of Architecture, a new model college that minimises its overheads by having no fixed premises and relies on architecture practices to mentor its students.